wooden dog crate furniture

dog crates wooden furniture

Wooden dog crate furniture

Mix and Match furniture, If you are searching for a dog crate to pamper a pup, why don’t you consider stylish ones that can double as furniture? You’ll love the selection available online. Dog crate furniture is the best solution for dog lovers who also love stylish home furniture pieces! Before you get one, check out our buying guide first as we’ll teach you how to get the best one for your home and, of course, your dog!

dog crates wooden furniture

Indonesia wooden dog crate furniture

What is dog crate furniture typically made from?

  • Wood – Wooden dog crate furniture can easily blend in regardless of where it’s added into. It can also double as your new side table. If the top is upholstered, you can definitely use it as an ottoman! Cool, right?
  • Wicker – Wicker dog crate furniture has built-in feet, which can elevate dog crates to offer proper ventilation. It can also protect your floors with the removable pan that’s added under the unit’s bottom part to catch debris including chewed up bones. Although it’s not the most durable option, its style makes for an excellent choice for homes with casual décor. It can also be placed on your deck or porch when the weather’s fine.

How to select the right size crate for your pet?

It’s essential for you to get the right size because getting one that’s too big can make your precious pet uncomfortable inside it. It will feel like it’s rattling inside a massive space like any other room in your home. It will also not help you achieve your goal of providing your pet with its personal space. Furthermore, the dog would start doing its business inside the crate furniture because of the massive space.

If you get one that’s too small in relation to your pet’s size, it’s not a good idea either because it can restrict the dog inside. It can also aid depression because your pet won’t be able to turn around, move, sleep or play.

If you have a puppy and it will grow at least 3x its current size when it becomes an adult dog, your best bet is to purchase the crate furniture that can fit its adult size. Because there’s too much space for it while it’s still a pup, just add a partition that’s made of wood or wiring. A partition can be purchased separately, and it’s temporary and removable.

If you already have an adult dog, make it stand on its four paws to get its size. Measure from your dog’s nose to the base of the dog’s tail. Don’t measure until the dog tail’s tip as you’ll get the wrong measurements. As soon as you’ve taken the size, add at least 2 inches to the measurement you’ve written down. That’s the best length for the crate furniture.

For the width, make your dog sit on its hind legs. Then, measure the distance from the floor to the tip of your dog’s nose when it’s looking up. After that, just add at least 2 inches to the measurement. Pretty simple, right?

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