Mango Wood Durability – Are You Giving Up Quality?

The fruit of the mango tree is no stranger to anyone who is familiar with exotic cocktails, fruit juices and cake recipes. It is popular for its sweet taste and characteristic texture, but is far from being the only produce the tree gives during its life time. If you are in the middle of doing […]

Five Reasons Buying Furniture Online is Superior

Buying furniture online is not the first thing that usually comes to mind when you think about furniture shopping, but it should be. The world of online furniture is vast and deep, and though it has some pitfalls like any other kind of business, it provides you with your best chance of getting what you […]

Office Furniture: Tips To Improve Your Reception Area

You cannot walk into any furniture shop or go online for that matter without seeing an office furniture collection. Office furniture is in high demand all over the place. Buyers want to get furniture for their homes and place of business. You will frequently find this sort of furniture in the reception area of a […]

Why Do Wholesalers Not Sell Furniture in the Retail Market?

The price difference between a product in the wholesale market and the retail market is very vast. Therefore, it is quite logical that one might look for whether one can buy furnishings at a wholesale price. However, even if one gets into contact with a wholesale furniture seller, it is quite uncommon that they would […]

Teak Furniture – How it is Different From Other Wood Furniture

Everyone knows that teak furniture is likely to be expensive. So some homeowners write off buying home pieces that are make from this wood even before they start looking. This is unfortunate because there are ways to buy at lower prices. But before exploring that, let's first take a look at why teak furniture tend […]

A Designers’ Trade Showroom – What Professional Designers Want – Part 1

There are many trade showrooms that cater exclusively to interior designers across the country, but all are not “equal”. As a professional designer, you want to be sure that your needs will be met by high standards of care before deciding which trade showroom with which to place your business. Here are my suggestions for […]

Home Decor – A Chef's Kitchen

If you really love to cook, you might want to design a chef's kitchen in your home. You will want to have an abundance of counters, with a large, study table (preferably butcher block) that can double as a work table and a dining table to be used for the casual meals or informal dinners. […]

French Furniture, The Style We Call Louis XV

The French furniture style we call Louis XV flourished during the period of 1730-1775. If the Louis XIV furniture style was designed with the glorification of the Sun King in mind and all in massive, masculine, square form, the Louis XV furniture style is the complete opposite. Designed for the comfort and glorification of beautiful […]

Online Furniture Stores – How to Evaluate for Buying Retail Furniture

Buying furniture online is a skill that involves research, good judgment and most importantly, comparative analysis between various online furniture stores. So the question that arises is – How do you compare online furniture stores and make a judgement of the best deal? Here are some tips that can help you identify where you can […]

The Best Antique Furniture In Phoenix

Antique furniture is a popular source of investment for many individuals these days. Not only can you potentially double your investment over time, you could also bring a little bit of personality and character to your home at the same time. Antique furniture is always in demand but it can be difficult to find dealers […]