What Some Wicker Furniture Manufacturers Will not Tell You

As a consumer of any product, you have the right to demand and expect the very best quality imaginable. Does not matter if you are getting a bargain deal or if you are buying higher end wicker furniture. But not all wicker furniture is created equally, and neither are all manufacturers of same. In fact, […]

Choosing The Right Decor And Furniture For Your Living Room

The trick to decorating is determining the look you desire to portray for your home. You may choose a modern look or more traditional look. Or you may want to create a country-style décor for your home. Whatever that desired look is then decorating around it will become easy, fun as well as exciting. You […]

How to Estimate the Age of Furniture Using Castor Wheels?

Castors are attached to home furnishings in order to make housekeeping and rearranging easier. But apart from these, do you know that castor wheels help antique collectors in estimating the age of furniture? By simply examining the type and characteristics of the castors, experts are able to identify the time range in which they are […]

Ashley Bedroom Furniture and Buying Furniture Online

Ashley bedroom furniture is some of the most sought after on the planet. The Ashley Furniture Company was founded on New Year’s Day, 1945 and has since become North America’s top selling furniture brand. The designers and furniture manufacturers at Ashley possess more than just skills needed to make solid, durable furniture; they know that […]

Furniture Store Advertising – How to Become a Local Celebrity in Your Local Market

While marketing to your past customers is the easiest way to grow your home furnishing business, being on television is a great way to reach many more new prospects. Just imagine the audience you could reach if you could be on television. Well, in this current economic market, advertising your business on television should definitely […]

Wicker Furniture – How to Buy at Cheaper Prices

It's everywhere on the news – times and bad and people are losing their jobs. It's clear that the economy is heading southwards. However, does that mean that you, as the homeowner, should put off refurnishing your own home? Perhaps you have already made plans for the refurnishing. Now, with the economic downturn, you are […]

Teak Furniture For Your Patio

Teak is a most durable wood that is easily fashioned by craftsmen and so it makes excellent patio furniture. And in these times in which many people are rightly concerned about the sustainability of natural resources, you should have no worries with teak. Such is the popularity of this type of wood producers have taken […]

Why Is Wooden Furniture Preferred Over Plastic Furniture?

The furniture industry, like all others, has undergone many transformations over the years. Materials used for production, where once limited to just a couple of choices, are now available in plenty of ranges. Aesthetics, functionality, lifestyle preferences, strength, weight and many such other factors influence the choice of material used for one’s furniture, whether for […]

Home Decor – 7 Things to Consider When Painting a Home Exterior

Unquestionably, home furniture and furnishings represent the interior décor sense and the overall personality of the owner but the first impression comes from the exterior of the home. So, one must not compromise on any of the aspects regarding exterior designing and painting of the home. Here are some really important things that you must […]

Eucalyptus Patio Furniture – 5 Tips for Maintenance and Care

Anyone interested in attractive yet affordable and durable patio furniture should look into eucalyptus patio furniture – a popular new trend in patio furniture for those qualities and more. If you decide to buy a set of eucalyptus furniture, or already have a set in your home or business, then you need to know how […]