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Poly Resin, A Dollhouse Makers Dream, Or a Cheap Replica?

Using Poly-resin with Dollhouse Material Poly-resin is making headway in popular choices with dollhouse furniture manufacturers, as well as other miniature and decorative pieces. It is a durable material blend from polyester and resin that can be molded and shaped with precise detail. There are two great benefits in using poly-resin, the first is a […]

Home Decor – Choices, Choices, Choices

Choosing home decor can be very difficult to do with so many different styles available. Deciding what type you want to use depends on several factors. You should choose according to your lifestyle, your preferences, whether you have children, pets etc. The easiest way to choose your decor is simply to decorate with the style […]

Wood Furniture Plans – The Easy Way to Make Furniture Yourself

How would you like to bypass the high retail prices at the furniture stores by using wood furniture plans and make some yourself? It is possible and a lot of folks are already doing it. As opposed of what many people think, it is not necessary to be a pro to make wood furniture. Wood […]

Munire Furniture and Cribs

You really should not just buy a Munire crib. The company designs furniture that is to be used for a child's lifetime. It specializes in making convertible cribs and nursery furniture that looks just as good in a child's bedroom as it does in the nursery. Munire is an independent manufacturer of nursery furniture and […]

Outdoor Furniture From Teak – Quality, Durability, Sustainability

The Latin name for Teak is Tectona Grandis. In Indonesia, where much of this lumber comes from, Teak is called Jati. Teak is a hardwood of the family Verbenaceae. Tectona Grandis is said to be indigenous to India, Burma, Thailand, Indochina and Java Indonesia. It has been extensively planted for timber or as an ornamental […]

Luxury Furniture at Home

There are various categories of furniture at home. Some of them are essential furniture; some are complementary furniture, and some of them are meant to be luxury, to provide comfort while relaxing at home. These days, people want luxury and comfort everywhere. No matter whether they are at home or office, they want luxury all […]

Home Decor – Buy, Sell, and Make!

It will not be difficult to find the "hottest" home décor trends out there right now. Sometimes, though, you find yourself financially and stylistically limited. Some of those "in" color schemes or themes may just not appeal to you. Ironically, maybe you can not afford the furnishings you actually want in your home. Actually, wood […]

Furniture For Senior Citizens

When you are buying furniture, you must primarily think about its functionality. Furniture should not only be eye candies, it must also serve a certain purpose. You would be wasting your hard earned money if you just buy furniture for the heck of it. Furniture nowadays are not cheap as the cost materials used for […]

Indian Furniture

There is nothing quite like real wood furniture, especially if it has been hand crafted, and is a real work of art, like the rustic furniture made in India. This ethnic furniture not only takes pride of place in India, but worldwide. Whether you are looking for dining room furniture, Indian sofas, rattan or wicker […]

Teak Furniture – Go Green With Style

Teak has been known and adored for a long time by shipbuilders because of its durability, beauty, resistance against dry rot and extreme weather conditions. The high oil content in the wood keeps it from drying out. Teak is mainly found in Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, and India. Similar timbers have been found in other places […]