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The Uniqueness of Woodcraft

Woodcraft is very well known in Indonesia since centuries ago even it become part of Indonesian history. Having wide and far territory brings Indonesia in various kinds of woodcraft that are uniquely to each region. Woodcraft is a skill, which works on wood to create useful and gorgeous woodworking. Woodwork can be such as sculpture, […]

Indonesian Coffee Table

The coffee table can be used every day in a common use room. It can also be used as a designer centerpiece. Whatever the purpose may be, Indonesian coffee tables offer the style. While deciding on a style, you should have a few things in mind so that you purchase the correct furniture for your […]

Furniture Companies – Helpful Details

There are some of us these days that are actually looking for some old furniture companies. Since these kinds of manufacturers have been around for decades, a lot of people trust them more than those who are new in the furniture industry. Read this article and find out where and how you could find one. […]

Rustic Home Decor

Rustic home decor can add significant beauty to your home. It gives it a comfortable antique feel, while still relaying a modern atmosphere. That is what makes rustic home decor so different than other types of interior themes that are out there today. You can use it in any room of your house and in […]

Is Beech Wood the Best Choice for Furniture?

Typically some furniture and children’s toys are made from beech wood. It is a beautiful wood, light colored with a great grain. It is not the easiest wood for craftsman to work with, which is why there is perhaps slightly less beech furniture than other hard wood furniture. However, if you know how to work […]

Compare Furniture From Online Stores – How to Get a Good Deal With Your Furniture Purchase

If you are planning to buy furniture from the net, then you need to identify the best deal as much as possible. When you do not see the items the way they are, you need to have the knowledge how to spot a good deal. Judgment is very important in this case. In this article, […]

Furniture Store Advertising – A Insider Strategy to Get Your Store Name Well Known

Promoting the heck out of your website is one very effective but underrated online strategy that can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. See, just having a website and putting it online is not enough to get money in your bank account. Many home furnishing store owners I consult with are under the […]

Unique Rattan Furniture For the Home

Rattan furniture continues to be one of the most popular sources for interior design. Through adaptability and durability, rattan furniture adds options and class to homes across every continent. Poised at the front of this industry is Rattan Land Furniture, a quality reliable company in Indonesia that serves customers all over the world. What is […]

History of Teak Wood

Teak, also known as Tectona Grandis, is a tall, straight deciduous tree that grows with buttressing stems and a large crown. Teak is native to South East Asia and its natural distribution goes from the Indian subcontinent through Myanmar and Thailand to Laos. We do not know if the teak stands in Indonesia are native […]

Oak Bedroom Furniture Manufacturers

Most of the oak bedroom furniture manufacturers agree that oak furniture never gets old. This majestic and ageless, oak furniture is a dramatic addition to any home. There are some great details about the oak furniture that you should know about. There are a lot of choices that you can get in oak furnishings along […]