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Teak Wood & Furniture – Buying, Negotiating, Shipping & Quality Control

Upon embarking on my worldwide ministry, a nonprofit endeavor, I immediately fell in love with Asia. Home to two-thirds of the world's populace, Asia is a busy place to say the least. Wal-Mart certainly has made billions of dollars as a result of buying cheap products from China and selling them back home through North […]

Teak Furniture – Reclaimed Teak Furniture – Why Choose Teak Wood?

Teak is one of the hardest and most durable woods available. Teak is inherently tight grained, which gives a beautiful smooth surface and appearance. It requires very little care and these characteristics make it the ideal wood for good quality furniture. Teak, unlike other hard woods such as Oak does not need oiling, staining, painting […]

What To Look For In Rattan Furniture Manufacturer

There has been a lot of talk about finding the right furniture for one's indoor or outdoor living environments, but the subject is rarely turned to the right manufacturer. Customers rarely care who made the product, they only care that the product they've purchased is good. But they ignore the manufacturer at the cost of […]

Home Decor Ideas for 2011

Home decorating, like many other fashionable trends, changes annually and seasonally, reflecting cultural influences, inspirational colors and new home accessories that are created with innovative designs, materials or techniques. Home decorating trends can vary by region, budget or attitude, but with the many choices to be made in changing the décor of your home, it […]

Wood Furniture – What Type Of Wood Is Best?

There is a large selection of oaks, pines and hardwoods to construct furniture out of, and with the addition of hybrids and other genetically engineered lumber, it is getting harder to determine what type of wood your furniture is made out of. This article will give you clues on how to determine what type of […]

Guide To Buying Furniture Online

Before looking at furniture online, it is essential to know the exact kind of furniture that is needed. It is easy to get distracted when looking at beautiful furniture online and decide to buy something attractive that is not really needed. If there is more than one piece of furniture needed, make a list. Style […]

Choosing the Best Furniture Store

When deciding on a furniture store to do business with, there are several important factors to consider and many options to decide on. First, you'll want to think of the type of furniture you're interested in purchasing, although a great number of stores and furniture dealers have pieces in a wide variety of styles that […]

How to Buy Rattan Furniture at Wholesale Prices

Buying rattan furniture is something which has become incredibly popular in recent years, however it has been used in homes for a very long time. To date it is the oldest natural form of furniture, standing stronger than even bamboo. Those who are interested in buying this type of furniture at cheap wholesale prices will […]

Finest Quality Burma Teak Wood Suppliers

Burma Teak is one of the finest quality and most preferred teak wood among the rest. It is the due to its strength, appeal, durability and other advantages that it is widely used in building and construction work. It is often regarded as the ‘The King of Woods’ and why not? It its multipurpose use […]

Information About Antique Furniture Manufacturers

Antiques are those items, which show some degree of craftsmanship, or a certain attention to design. They can be bought from antique shops, or passed down as an estate. Some valuable antiques can be bought from antique dealers and auction services or purchased online through websites and online auctions. There are a number of different […]