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Piguno, Where to buy Indonesia furniture & Interior furniture Projects

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Wooden Furniture

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Outdoor Furniture

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Reclaimed Furniture

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Classic Furniture

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Rattan Furniture

Indonesia furniture wholesale | Decorative lighting | Indonesian Craft

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Piguno, where to buy Indonesia furniture wholesale, decorative lighting, Indonesian craft, furniture for hotel, restaurant, interior projects from Indonesian manufacturer, wholesale, suppliers, exporter.

Piguno has built its reputation as a leading furniture company in Asia. We are based in Solo, Central Java. Our customers from agencies, hotels, villas, hospitals, offices, restaurants, resorts, villas, apartments, hospitality, interior design, private house & hotel projects (FF & E). is owned & operated by Piguno. Piguno is a wholesale Indonesia furniture exporter and manufacturer established in 1993. Our furniture workshops empowering local craftsmen in Solo, Cirebon & Jepara. We have experience in furniture manufacturing, handmade woodworking, & machinery woodworking.

Piguno accepts furniture making based on customer worldwide requests for a custom design.

We accept orders for making furniture in large quantities for indoor furniture & outdoor furniture, decorative lighting and crafts. Contact to Mr. Ari at or mobile & WhatsApp: +628122688273

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Ready for Indonesia furniture wholesale prices, Indonesia Furniture shop & Furniture for hotel projects

We are honored to invite you, and welcome any opportunity to discuss your inquiry or your project with Furniture from Indonesia for all your retail, wholesale, designer, architect, project requirements, etc. Enjoy our furniture catalog, decorative lighting & creative craft collections

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Indonesia furniture

This country has long been one of the world’s largest in terms of furniture manufacturing and exporting. While the Indonesian furniture manufacturers are well-acknowledged for their great performances in both furniture sales domestically & exports to the global market. As one of the world’s fastest-growing furniture manufacturers & most popular furniture exporters, Indonesia’s furniture market also is highly segmented and competitive.

The leading wholesale Indonesia furniture manufacturers are expected to face stronger pressure from other emerging domestic industrial rivals and major furniture exporters in other countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, & Philippines.

Furniture For Hotel Industry Overview

Piguno as a furniture manufacturer, furniture shop and furniture supplier of high-quality Boutique Hotel Furniture. European Furniture Manufacturer and factory direct source for quality hotel furniture. We manufacture quality rattan & wicker furniture. Our products include living room furniture, dining room furniture, a white dining room, table classic furniture, and bedroom wooden furniture. You can buy Indonesia furniture factory prices direct from us. Piguno Furniture is a manufacturer & supplier of a high boutique hotel and resort furniture, also produces modern contemporary furniture, classic furniture, reclaimed teak furniture, white distressed furniture.
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Wholesale Furniture Exporter

We are furniture exporter, We sell furniture to some countries below;

United Arab Emirates (UAE), Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brunei, Brazil, Switzerland, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Hongkong, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Monaco, Maldives, Mexico, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Panama, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sweden, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, United States, Uruguay, South Africa.

Indonesian furniture industry. Its wooden furniture (outdoor & indoor furniture), rattan furniture, synthetic furniture, custom wooden furniture, decorative lighting & craft products are in high demand in both local & international markets. Read also: Jamu Indonesia.


Piguno is an Indonesian furniture manufacturer has over 20 years of experience in contract design, volume manufacturing & in developing specialized finishes for international clients. Wholesale Asian furniture manufacturers.


We understand the varied needs of the hospitality industry. We can develop any special finishes, textures & some materials you need. Indonesia contract design furniture.

Wholesale Custom Design

We receive a custom furniture design based on customer design. outdoor & indoor, decorative lighting, also a craft for your hospitality projects or wholesale. Indonesia custom design furniture.

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Contact the Piguno furniture manufacturer for more information on Indonesia furniture, furniture catalog, custom furniture design, decorative lighting, craft & furniture for hotel. What’s Kind Furniture do you need? Any special inquiry design or any furniture projects …. Please Contact Us

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